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Muffler bypass questions

Need help to do the muffler bypass I have seen done by several people on the site. I have purchased an S muffler (love those twin tips) but have run into a wall trying to get the stainless steel bypass pipes, much less finding someone who can bend a pipe smaller than 1 1/2". I have found one vendor on ebay with sections of 1" pipe with a .065 wall. Does anyone know if this will work? I am even considering buying a small hydraulic pipe bender (about $100 on ebay) and bending it myself. Again, any knowledge out there about what is needed to bend this type of pipe. Lastly, I have found a local place that can supply me with 1 1/2 inch non-stainless pipe which they can bend and install. Since this is my easiest option, has anyone used pipe this large? I am not sure this would leave enough room to install the muffler in the car. Any input would be appreciated. I am pretty determined to make this work.
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