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Hello all, new user with some questions

Hello all, I am a newer member to 986 forum, and this is my first post. I bought my car 3 months ago, and have spent 3 months reading over all the great info you have here, and have now begun modding my '99 metallic black on black boxster. I have '03 tails, clear side markers, litronics, newer shifter with leather boot, and 19" black victor equip turismo wheels. And now I was looking to put on exhaust. I know there has been a lot of exhaust discussion on this forum, I have read it at least 2 to 3 times. I am looking for something that sounds "porsche" so to speak, but louder, and passes California emissions. The boxster sounds great stock, but again I would like more volume. The GHL sounds a little to narly for me. The Danske sounds like it might be to quite. I was thinking maybe the new Fabspeed maxflo, but I only saw one thread from the Porsche Doc, about it, and it was a while ago. Any recent information on this exhaust, as far general sound, volume, resonance, and looks? I was also considering a B & B because it costs a bit less but sounds like it is louder then the Danske. Gemballa, Techart, and Super Sprint look nice but maybe to pricey, and Mille Miglea looks hard to get. I can tolerate some resonance, as long as I get a loud clean sound when go full throttle. Any and all recent info would be appreciated, as well as any new info on good deals online. Thanks for the great forum. I would post a pic, but not sure how?
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