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Originally Posted by Sboxin

This failure was due to track DE and AX on 02S with big rubber (245&285 KUMHO V710's)and H&R lowering springs. Several drivers in California have experienced this same thing. The high stress on the steering rack causes higher than normal fluid temperatures that melt the plactic clip on the return line at the back of the pump.

This makes a lot of sense really. Stock tire size up frnt is 205 in street tires, you have some serious meat up there with 245 DOT racing tires and the car is lowered. The steering forces are probably 10 times greater. This puts high loads on all the steering and suspension components. In this case a PS cooler is a very good idea along with close inspection and possible beefing up other front end components to be sure they all hold up. When you are going 130mph down the back straight and setting up for the hairpin, steering failure sucks.

Performance mods are fun and a little like playing chess. Once you do one mod you then need to look down the road and see what other components are affected. Just like at 24 hr Le Mans, the goal is a fast and bulletproof ride. Bigger tires- suspension and steering. Bigger motor- better cooling, brakes, suspension, tires etc.

For those of us still content to run in stock classes on street tires a PS cooler is probably overkill. We will never generate the kind of heat and loads you get on your race prepared car.
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