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Power steering line cooler installed

Finally got the cooler installed ...
The attached Word Doc gives the basic information

The reason for this addition is a failed power steering return line plastic clip, lost
fluid all over engine(smoke, black flag, etc.), failed PS pump ($1000 repair)

This failure was due to track DE and AX on 02S with big rubber (245&285 KUMHO V710's)and H&R lowering springs. Several drivers in California have experienced this same thing. The high stress on the steering rack causes higher than normal fluid temperatures that melt the plactic clip on the return line at the back of the pump. The plastic clip only holds the return line into the pump hole - 2 rubber O-rings seal the line and fluid.
Some have had fluid leaks at other fluid line connecters. Also, another solution has been installed in Caymen race cars in Canada -- an undersize driveshaft pulley to reduce pump RPM.

My son and I like to drive fast and can keep up with most of the faster Porsches
on the track with our setup. Now, we won't have to worry about the PS failure happening again.

Comments or questions are welcome (flame suit is on)


12/11/08 Update: Still no leaks in PS line or pump connectors - Several DE and Ax.

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