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Originally Posted by ferris
I noticed a burning smell coming from the rear axle of my 2000 Boxster S, put the car on the jack and noticed 3 out of 4 CV boots are cracked and leaking grease all over the rear. I was told that if this goes unoticed, eventually all the grease will be gone and you'll need a new axle, about a $1K expense. The cost to replace the CV boots is pretty high - dealer quoted me $1K, my independent mechanic quoted me $450 ($100 parts and $350 labor). apparently the labor cost is hight to pull the axles out. Since labor is high my mechanic suggested replacing all 4 while you have the parts disassembled.

Make sure to inspect your CV boots often!
Good advice with replacing both boots on the axel with one torn boot. It takes awhile to get those suckers apart without hurting them, but once apart both boots just slide on. $350 labor is great since it runs about 4 1/2-6 hours to do it all. $100 for parts is steep so see if they'll let you order the parts and bring them in.

Good luck!
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