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Yes, the belt is checked at 30k and replaced at 60k.
I think it makes sense to take the car to a dealer for service as long as it is still under warranty. After that, maybe not so much. Unless perhaps you are having some kind of problem best diagnosed by the special eqpt. available at the dealer.
It is always a question as to how much is it worth to have the 25 separate items checked that are listed in the Maintenance book for the 30k service.
Probably not much if they are only given a cursory examination, or maybe even none at all. If the checks are concientiously done, then you probably pretty much get your moneys worth for the time spent on the checks.
The independant shop that quoted me the $750 price referred to the 30k service as a "five and a half hour ordeal", which matches pretty well with the 5.6 hr labor charge from the dealer.
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