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30k Service

Just got my '99 back from a dealer-done 30,000 mile service. Many of you have probably already had this pleasure, but for those of you that haven't, the damage came to a shade over $900. They changed the oil, oil filter, spark plugs, air filter, pollen (cabin) filter, and adjusted the emergency brake and replaced two recall items (gas cap and transmission cable) at no charge. Labor was for 5.6 hrs for the above, plus the laundry list of things they check.
Additional problem discovered during the checks is that the climate control system panel is not displaying the cabin air recirculation symbol, and the footwell air distribution arrow. Replacement of the panel was quoted at another $800, which I decided to pass on for the moment, since the functions actually do work.
The same work at an independant shop was quoted to me at $750, but for reasons I won't go into here, I decided to go with the dealer service.
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