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need help w/my 1999 boxster - windows and key issues

howdy all,

i just picked up a 1999 boxster and i have two issues i cannot seem to resolve:

1. the windows will not roll up all the way. they get to 2/3rds and stop. if i drop the top, they will roll up to full but as soon as i put the roof back up - they go down to 2/3rds and refuse to roll up.
2. the key i have has a new battery, but it won't remotely unlock/lock the car or open the trunk. i can open the door/start the car fine with the key but the built in remote doesn't seem to work.

the guy i bought it from couldn't find the owners manual so i agreed to buy one from the dealership, but this day one and i find myself dumbfounded

any help would be appreciated.
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