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Ok.. well i bought a 1997 boxster alittle under 90k miles and it was my first 5-spd car. I have been driving for almost 15 yrs and never ever drove or even tried to learn how to drive a stick car. My friend who has been driving manual cars for almost 25 yrs called me up when i got the boxster delivered to my house and asked if i wanted to learn . He met me at my house and he drove to empty parking lot and taught me the basics. After about 30-45 mins of us switching from passenger to driver's seat I was pretty much comfortable with the way everything worked. After he went home I stayed on local streets in which everytime I hit a hill or stop sign I would stall LOL... It just takes tiime and practice also do have patience cause if you get too nervous on a hill it will make it even more physcological then anything. Even if you stall at a stop sign and someone behind you beeps that is all tehy can really do since they are not going to be able to pass you so just be relaxed . as for the clutch it depends on who drove it and how it was taken care of. I am the third owner of my car in which a Dr. age 55)owned it from 1997-2003 and then a guy in his mid 30's was the second owner both took care of the car even had service records. I think since on learned on the boxster how to drive 5-spd that I couldn't compare it to any other cars . I hope that I gave to some info and I am sure that others on the forum will give you some more tips.
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