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Originally Posted by blinkwatt
Why wouldn't a dealer price match on a $1k order? ... Why wouldn't the dealer match it,they still make money?
Depending on their costing/accounting procedures, they may not be making money at the quoted price.
Businesses that want to compete in the internet sales market may cost products sold that way very differently than the same part sold across the counter in their parts dept. Such as not including the cost of the vehicle inventory floor plan, overhead for the salesman sitting on his butt in the showroom, the lot boy keeping the cars clean, etc.
While all dealers probably pay Porsche the same price for the parts, it's the way they handle the additional costs of doing business that can determine whether they can offer internet customers X% discount and still "make money".
Randall's comment that Sunset charges more for the same part to a walk-up customer than they do to an internet customer indicates to me that this is exactly what they do.
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