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Originally Posted by RandallNeighbour

Now if you walked into any Pcar dealership owned by Sonic (both dealerships in Houston are owned by Sonic), you may find they charge 3 times what Sunset charges for a part... astronomically priced OVER full retail. This conglomerate loves to rape its customers.
I had no idea Sonic had Porsche stores in their menagerie. They are based here in Charlotte. The corporation is run by one O. Bruton Smith. This is the same guy who owns a good portion of the race tracks used on the NASCAR circuit such as Charlotte, Bristol, Las Vegas, Sears Point, etc. He's an interesting guy (and billionaire). It isn't uncommon to see him sitting in his small office in his flagship dealership in Charlotte (Town and Country Ford) off of the showroom floor. From what I've read, he has a nicer office upstairs in the same building as well as a corporate headquarters a mile away where the car dealerships and race tracks are run.

Here in charlotte, our Porsche dealership is run by another mega dealership owner and race team impresario, Hendrick Automotive / Hendrick Motorsports. I tend to buy less expensive or immediately needed parts from them. I've gotten to know the parts guys and they look after me as best they can. When you factor in the shipping savings (as well as having to pay taxes) they are surprisingly competitive on a lot of parts.

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