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Originally Posted by blinkwatt
Why wouldn't a dealer price match on a $1k order? Sunset would have sold me the RoW kit for $922 so I called the local dealership,Niello Porsche, to see if they would price match. I figured if I can order it through the local dealership I can save on shipping. I called Niello and got ahold of the parts department and asked them if they would price match and they said it depends on the price I was told. Then I let Nick at the Parts counter know that I can get it for $922 and he hesitated,I could tell that he was thinking about it because his response was, "uuuuhhhhh,(typing on his PC)nnnnnnoooooo.". Why wouldn't the dealer match it,they still make money?

Cause Sunset is the bargin OEM parts counter for Porsche, no other Porsche Dealerships sell as cheap as they do.
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