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Originally posted by roman
15k miles for a 2 year old car doesn't seem at all unreasonable to me . . .
Has it really been on the road 2 full years? I'm assuming not. But you're right... who knows.

$33K eh. nice set of options. 10K+ less than invoice on a new one. ...and looking at ebay as a measuring stick (albiet not an exact science) buy it now pricing on 2002,3,4's is higher than 33K. (see below). So all thats left is... do you like the car?

2002 S 27Kmi $36.5K

2004 5Kmi $42.9K

2002 S 25Kmi $38.7K

2002 4Kmi $36K

2002 S 27Kmi $36.5K
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