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Hi Andy,

I'll take the first swing at your questions. There are many forum members who have way more technical knowledge than me, but here are my opinions:

$25K should get you into a 2001 S. May be able to find a 2002 S for that money if you aren't in a hurry. Definitely buy the S, you get an additional radiator, bigger brakes that are cross-drilled, a bigger engine / more HP, and a 6spd trans (if you go manual). BTW, look for a post by RandallNeighbor because he has a link at the bottom of his signature block to a list of 10 things you should know before you buy a Boxster. Excellent reading.

Boxsters are not Toyota reliable but they aren't constantly leaving you stranded. I use mine as a daily driver even when it snows (within reason). I think most members only drive theirs in nice weather.

Just my observation from viewing threads, but it seems the 97-99 Boxsters have the most problems. I have no statistical proof to back that statement. 2000 and newer are not immune to problems, they just seem to have fewer.

The achilies heel of the Boxster is a problem with the Rear Main Seal. RMS may cause fatal problems to your engine if it fails. Do a search on RMS to get more info. Other, less disasterous problems include window regulators failing, coolant tanks cracking, and oxygen sensors wearing out.

You will hear the term PPI (Pre-Purchase Inspection) used frequently on this forum. Have the car inspected by someone who knows Porsches and know what to look for. It will be money well spent, especially when you are looking at vehicles in the age range you are wanting to buy. If the person selling the car is against having it inspected, move on to your next candidate. Also, it is my understanding that Porsche dealerships only keep records of service done to the car at their dealership. If a car was serviced at several dealerships, you may not be able to get a complete history for it.

Rule #1 about Porsches (even Boxsters): EVERYTHING is expensive. You say you've owned only German cars but you don't mention which ones. Maybe you are already used to this rule, but you need to be aware of it. Practically every fluid in it is synthetic, which adheres to Rule #1. Tires wear out around 15K mi. 16 and 17 inch tires are reasonably priced, 18 and 19 inch tires are expensive. And the factory radio / speakers are less than perfect.

I thoroughly enjoy my 6spd. Haven't driven a tip, so I can't give you a fair response.

Finally, you will absolutely enjoy owning a Boxster. I may have sounded like I was ********************ing when responding to your questions. I just want you to enter into this with your eyes wide open. The Boxster is not perfect, but making mods to it is a lot of fun. And the sound of the exhaust, the near perfect balance and handling, and the joy of top-down motoring is intoxicating. Take your time and find the nicest Box you can afford and have fun.

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