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New guy here, thinking about buying a Boxster S, have some questions?

Howdy folks,

New guy here but not new to german cars since I happen to own several at this time and have always bought german cars.

I am thinking about buying a Boxster S (used, not new at this time) for my everyday commute. I do not have a long commute and I would put less then 10,000/year miles to the car at the very most.

I am looking at spending about $25,000 tops for the questions are as follow.

Are these cars reliable and everyday cars?

Is there a specific year of the model that I should stay away from?

What typical mechanical problems are typical of these cars?

What should I look for, other then making sure that i have all of the car records and history prior to purchasing the car?

Any particualar things that one should know about these type of cars?

and................tiptronic or standard transmition?

THank you very much in advance and I look forward to reading your replys.
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