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Originally Posted by ohioboxster
Would not recommend using kitchen oven for powder coating, emissions are flamable so if you must use the oven in your kitchen make sure its not gas or propane. We powder coated a ton of parts and just used an old electric oven in the garage.

Actually, it was an electric oven, but not in our Kitchen, it's an old one from a remodel, I put a 220V plug on it and use it in the Garage, makes my wife crazy to see it in there.

@Bogg - I did rebuild the Calipers, which is no big deal if you have a compressor to pop the pistons out, usually 8-10PSI will do the job. A couple of seals for the pistons and some new Dust Seals, takes maybe 20 min. to do the rebuild, if the Bores/Pistons aren't corroded - this is why you want to change your Brake Fluid Bi-annually...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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