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Originally Posted by MNBoxster

Actually, I powder coated the Calipers on my Esprit myself with a $72 Hot Coat powdercoat system from Eastland (now $99 I see) - - It's a pretty good kit yeilding surprisingly good results.

I media blasted the Calipers and powder-coated them, then baked them in my Kitchen Oven for an Hour. Looked great and 5 yrs. later, they are still like new. The whole deal took about 3 Hrs. including reinstallation. BTW, your Calipers look great!...

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Would not recommend using kitchen oven for powder coating, emissions are flamable so if you must use the oven in your kitchen make sure its not gas or propane. We powder coated a ton of parts and just used an old electric oven in the garage.
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