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Originally Posted by mach schnell
... Ideally, powdercoating is the way to go, but you have two issues to deal with - not having your car for up to a week (vs 24 hours for G2 kit) and several hundreds $$$ more in cost...

Actually, I powder coated the Calipers on my Esprit myself with a $72 Hot Coat powdercoat system from Eastland (now $99 I see) - - It's a pretty good kit yeilding surprisingly good results.

I media blasted the Calipers and powder-coated them, then baked them in my Kitchen Oven for an Hour. Looked great and 5 yrs. later, they are still like new. The whole deal took about 3 Hrs. including reinstallation. BTW, your Calipers look great!...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99

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