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I remember that thread. Said I was going to get tires from Costco for my 1988 Toyota pickup.

Well, I did, last month. 5 tires. Told the guy I did not want green caps. Guess he thought I meant it.

When I picked up the truck the 4 mounted tires had black caps. The spare had a green cap. Told the guy that gave me my keys that I was going to have the tires tested to see what was really in them. When I got home I took the green cap off the spare and put on a black one.

Only person on earth with Costco tires and no green caps.

Took a picture of the nitro machine.

Checked the wheel nut torque and tire pressure when I got home. The receipt has the correct tire pressures listed as 29 psi for the front and 35 for the rear, but that is not what was in the tires. The receipt has the nut torque listed a 140 foot pounds - but my truck is supposed to be 76 foot pounds.
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