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Yet another dead battery thread; can't pop the front trunk

So after wintering for 3 months, my little 2.7's battery is dead. ...I know, I should have followed the great wintering instructions that MNBoxster and others have posted.

Firstly, I can't pop the hood (front trunk) to get at the battery.

In my 2001, I have found the red terminal behind the fusebox cover. But when I hooked up an old small 12V battery (for a home security system), all I got was a repeating horn honking from the Boxster.

Maybe there's not enough voltage (a meter said the little battery was 11V and it was old).

I'm heading to get a new battery but I thought I'd ask here in case I got back with the new battery only to find the same horn-honking but no hood-popping!
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