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Originally Posted by ageranger
that just dont sound right to me. we buy these cars and expect to be taken care just like everyone else with a porsche. it shouldnt matter how much we spend on it. a porsche is a porsche. i spent 3 years in germany with the air force and i know they dont treat there customers like that over there. maybe i should write a letter to porsche and ask why us boxster owners are treeated like that at there dealers. probably wont do any good though
It sounds like you're new to Porsche. If so, you're going to be surprised at how crappy the dealer service can be for a car that costs this much. I get much better service at my Mazda dealer for my Tribute, which cost about a third as much as my 987S. I've also owned BMW, Audi, Saab, Infiniti and Nissan, and all of those ownership experiences were better than what Porsche offers.

When I had my 968 and my dealer went out of business, I took it to another dealer and expected a loaner car as you did. No dice. I can still remember sitting outside in the broiling sun waiting for a cab (at my own expense, of course). After that, I took the 968 to independent shops, where the expectations are lower and so are the prices. (That's my advice to you. Scout around on these forums to get recommendations for good independent shops in your area. People are only too glad to help.)

When I took my 987S in for its one-year service, the conditions in the back of the dealership were Dickensian. It was a real dump. A 911 owner there told me it was customary to tip the help. As a result, she got one of the four Cayenne loaners sitting there (we were the only two customers in the shop) and I got an Enteprise Chevy Malibu. They took four days to do less than four hours worth of work on my car. Not once did the service manager or anyone else call me regarding the delay. I had to make the calls to them. When I picked it up, I heard them yelling back and forth that another guy was there to pick up his car and they had forgotten to replace his battery. I never did get a call from them about the replacement windstop that was supposed to be installed under warranty. It would have been laughable, except for the $250 oil change and the fact that I rode around for four days in a piece of junk that smelled like Febreeze.

Don't bother writing a letter to Porsche. They truly could care less that you didn't get a loaner car. And don't try calling their 800 number. The policy there is to route you right back to the dealer. Porsche is an arrogant company that's interested in peddling its "engineering mystique" at overinflated prices. The competition, by and large, has far surpassed them on dealer service and I suspect that's why new Boxsters and Caymans are selling so poorly. These models are entry-level cars that attract not only Porschephiles, but people who've owned other makes. They come to Porsche with high expectations and they're disappointed that they've spent so much for such lousy treatment.
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