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OK, got some catching up to do...

DJ - the chrome Carrera S whls don't come with caps from Whl Dyn. The std finished ones do.

Allen K - there is an $80 chrome set on ebay that looks like what I want but they use 3 allen hex bolts to attach to the wheel. Not sure if that is a good system or not. Seems like they could fly off rather easily.

986 Spdstr - the SCIIs are now pulling winter duty. I have my Blizzaks mounted on them, thus the need for new whls and summer tires. I know these are nice whls for winter, but I wanted something in chrome for my other set and chrome doesn't do well in winter.

Randall - I called Sunset on Mon and again today to verify. They say they do not have a chrome cap with a painted crest. They have an all chrome cap with an inlaid crest that isn't painted. Didn't ask for price because that's not what I want.
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