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I took my '03 that I recently bought to the dealer for some minor stuff, and to get a second key (promised to me by the place I bought the car from). I paid $10 for a rental Taurus (a truly fine machine). Best part was the bill for the key head and body, plus cutting - $277! And that didn't include programming! "Stealer", indeed.

Oh, and I when I called to ask if the car was ready, the guy asked me if I wanted them to wash it. Seeing as I brought it to them totally clean, I figured no, it didn't need it - big mistake - you'd have thought they'd entered it in the Baja 1000 when I picked it up.

And note - this is coming from a BMW owner - it's not like I'm not used to getting reamed for parts and treated like trash.

But what can you do? The German cars are the ones with soul. If you buy a Lexus, Infiniti, or an Acura, the dealers treat you like royalty, you get a like or better car as a free, your car is clean when you pick it up, and it's reliable and loaded with features. Too bad it's a dull slab to drive....
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