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When I had my 987, it was interesting, the Porsche dealer closest to me (not the dealer where I bought it) always gave me a loaner car thru the enterprise at their mercedes dealer - I could upgrade at my cost for nicer cars, but usually drove off with a c230 which was fine for the day or so. However, the dealer where I bought the car, always made me pay for the loaner if I took it there (which was 83 miles from house, 1 way) and the loaner was stupid Mazda 6!

Now, with my BMW, I only get a loaner car if I return to the dealer which is down in Newport - about 45 miles from my house. If I go to local BMW (about 10 miles) they tell me I need to arrange my own transportation, cuz I didn't buy the car from them - it's a CPO 2005! Service as a whole has taken a tremendous plummet. Whereas you would think that one of the reasons for buying a european sports car that costs more than the domestics is that you are also buying a level of service - and with that I don't just mean that they have a fancier waiting room with ESPN and a starbucks coffee machine - in my opinion, that just says F you even more, but enjoy a cup of coffee on us while u wait for 8 hours!

But, I imagine if you ask the Carrera or M5 owner, they never have to worry about a loaner car - we're all playing on the playground, but WE'RE on the bottom of the hierarchy, if you know what I mean
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