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MSRP discounts on Porsches, like many other brands, has a lot to do with what you're buying and when you are buying it. If you are buying an 07 in December of this year and it's on someone's lot, you're going to get a heck of a discount... the 08's are already being ordered and delivered.

With this obvious stuff stated, I've been watching it carefully as I dream about buying a brand new Pcar one day

I see a typical 5% off MSRP, and 10% off MSRP if the new model year can be ordered.

My good friend Mark (Houston_C4S) and I are starting a new business and hopefully I'll have enough income from this new venture to buy myself a new S just like he did in a year or so. If the venture goes really, really, well, I'll bump that model choice right up to a new 997TT, thank you very much
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