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Porsche Certified and Trunk Condensation.

I recently purchased a 2003 Boxster with 5500 miles on it. It has a Porsche Certified Warranty that will go beyond the factory warranty that ends in May. I'm beginning to wonder if my dealer actually performed the Porsche Certified is why I question it. First of all, I took the car in for some rattling noises and small grease spots that would show up on my windows every time I have them down, and then put them up. Turns out both window regulators had to be replaced, and I had a broken part (push rod?) in the convertible top. Fortunately, these items were completely covered under the original factory warranty. Also, I have cupping tires in the rear, and I'm to the understanding (thanks to Big O Tires and the 986 Forum) that my car is out of alignment. One service department guy told me it was normal and that he usually only sees 8000 miles out of those tires (Michelin Pilot Sport N2), and he also said because I have a tiptronic trans, my car is heavier and sags in the rear. Does he think I'm a complete fool? 'Keep driving it, there's nothing wrong,' were his words. It was another serviceman that told me it 'could be' an alignment problem, but wouldn't really know till they perform it. Conflicting opinions at a Porsche Service Department? Interesting. Wouldn't these things be noticed if this car went through a rigorous 100 point inspection? I asked them that question. I believe because this car was originally driven by an 80 year old man and because it had only 5500 miles on it, the dealer gave it a quick detailing and put it on the lot and assumed it to be 'certified' worthy. When I told the service guy that, he basically admitted it has happened in the past. Now, the next issue I noticed this morning before I took the car in...I convinced the dealer to give me a free $250 alignment (after I bought new rear tires)...I opened the trunk and saw there was condensation on the metal on the underside of the trunk lid, only with in the ring seal area (oil filler and coolant cap compartment). What does this mean? I want to be sure this is diagnosed and repaired correctly. Would that just be a coolant cap problem, or worse? Lastly, is the Porsche Certified warranty a worthy warranty, or should I consider purchasing something else that is more comprehensive?

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