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Thank you all for the great feedback and the warm welcome!

I am almost well again and weather is getting better here day by day. I cannot wait to do the next tour with it.

The PSE is really worth the money! If you install it, I would not connect it to the engine management as it should be done if you do it as it was meant by Porsche. Accordingly you have no switch for the exhaust in the cockpit. Then you safe about 600 bucks of installation costs and the exhaust is open/loud all the time. Between 40 and 70 km/h it would switch to quiet otherwise. The same did I - no connection to the engine-management and therefore more sound for less money.

And the airfilter for only 40 bucks really makes sense as well. After installing the air filter my 2001 2.7 goes 278 km/h (of course not on GPS but according to the cockpit display) on the motorway without help, just from his own power. Beside that, the sound while accelerating got better in comparison to the normal filter.

Best regards, Michael

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