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Originally Posted by FrayAdjacent
Don't they call that an 'Italian Tune-Up'?

Sometimes you gotta feed some speed to your ride!

And the Chevron stuff is 'Techron'. It's about $5-6 a bottle, but works great at cleaning up the fuel system. Used it in my 911 to clean out the fuel lines after transplanting my engine and gas tank into the tub that had been sitting for 17 years.

I usually use a bottle of Techron every time I change the oil, but I think since the Boxster's change interval is a little longer, I'll try to drop a bottle in every 3 to 4k miles.

Lots of people praise Techron, but I've never used it. I use http://www.********************************************/acatalog/Lubro_Moly_Jectron_Fuel_Injection_Cleaner.html developed specifically for Fuel systems in German Cars. This is a well respected Fuel System cleaner and I've always had great results with it. For the Boxster, I use it half-strength, so it's maybe slightly cheaper than the Techron. But, I'm sure they're both good products...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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