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Originally Posted by Brucelee
Modern cars generally do not "carbon up" anymore.

However, I would suggest some Chevron FI cleaner. It def. cleans up my funky idle.


Agree. With OBDII the AF/Timing is so dynamic that it's virtually impossible to Carbon-Up. If you do, you have waay bigger problems than just having the car sitting idle.

On the other hand, as you mention, fuel and fuel quality, have a much greater effect on the performance of a modern engine. Gasoline is a very unstable compound and wants to breakdown into it's constituent parts, some of which are parafins (erroneously referred to as Varnish).

Gas used to be stable for only 30-45 days from refining (not when you fill-up) before it started to breakdown. Modern Gas will go about 60 days before suffering the same effects. This is why a fuel injector cleaner once annually and/or the use of a stabilizer if driving infrequently or storing the car (even for a short duration) is especially helpful...

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