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For anyone with a funky idle

The car has had somewhat of a funky idle that I didn't mind to much. I think it steamed from just driving it around town the past few times without letting it build up into higher RPMs=carbon deposit build up. Today was the first chance I had to take out the Boxster in awhile since the weather hasn't been to great here. Well since I hadn't driven it for awhile it was only right that I give it a good ride . After warning it up to normal operating temp I paid some visits to some on ramps and off ramps,keep in mind it's noon time so there aren't too many people out and it's 100% visible so I can see everything ahead of me. After some visits to 5k RPM and having my fun headed back home. On the way home the car idled steadily like it should at every stop sign,intersection and even when I let it sit in the driveway. So if your car has a weird or funky idle just something to consider,besides these cars are meant to be driven in higher RPMs so don't be afraid.
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