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well for keeping it clean, i dunno man, i never liked to drive a dirty car, porsche or not, so they always clean. everyone that knows me if they see my car dirty they think someogn happened to me since its not clean, so its like 99$ of the time clean.

its a B&M clone i picked up off ebay, some guy bought it and then decided that he wont put it on so he sold it for less than what they usually go for. arrived here in 2 days
if you need some help installing it ill be happy to swing by and help you out.

i just cleared the inbox, it doesnt tell me that its full so i never knew.

and yes, the color is weird as hell, it keeps changing...i absolutely love it, out of all colors i picked this one so it tells u how much i like it. i always tought i would end up w a red porsche since its my fav color and i had numerous red cars, but this color is just stunning depending on light and even better in person.

this is the shifter i installed (one part not pictured)

and nother quick pic
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