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Originally Posted by RevDice
A single car accident... and the officer had a visual on ya. Something similar happened to me in a pick-up. I was crising at about 45 in a 55 during a torrential rain. Others were passing me. Some crack pot decides to cut the exit short and cuts directly into my path without a signal. I tap the breaks and go skating.

Long story short was that an unmarked officer was a couple of cars behind me as I slid into a ditch. Very concerned, friendly...but still wrote the ticket for SPEED NOT PRUDENT TO CONDITIONS. I also got billed for the lawn job (and repair) I did on the drainage ditch. Ya can't beat the man.

Chalk it up and hug someone ya love... glad your in one piece. I've have personally see single car accidents that cost a life.

Good Luck...

Unfortunately, yea, that can happen. This is where the Officer's judgement comes into play. What may be prudent for some cars, may not be so for others. Though hoping that you won't even have a next time, I hope it goes the other way for you if you should ...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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