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I'm sure you have talked to your insurance company --
they should help you through the process.

so anyways its now at a shop and i have to go in the morning and I have 3 questions:
1) can I chose to keep the car at that shop ?
2) can i pitch in the difference $ to get the other dents out and a full paint job sence there doing most anyways with the insurance money?
3) how does determining what to do about the engine work? like deciding what they will fix by sounding ruff or not ext.

1. Yes, you can choose the shop to repair your car -- but, the insurance company
may try to persuade you to use a less expensive body shop - all things are negotiable - depends on how good a negotiator you are.
2. Yes, you can always add work to the bill and pay for it.
3. Engine damage -- get it to a dealer ASAP and discuss with the Insurance folks.

And, don't forget Rental car expense and Diminished Value !!
IMO - I would push for "totaled" damage and get an independent auto appraiser.

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