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crashed, what can I do now

Hey, so I was on my way home with a friend and we got on the highway as were geting on the highway, doing maby 90. We start to move over a lane geting on to the highway and we start to spin. We spin one time hit a wall and spin again tell were in a ditch. Their is not to much too much damage but it took up the whole highway. Who showed up? 2 abulances, fire truck, fire suv thing, 3 police cars, and 3 tow trucks. as the car was coming to a stop were facing the right way and there are already two cars infront pulled over and 4 people came running to us, one was a police officer he sees if were ok, and just leaves lol. Two minits later all the rest came. after they closed down the highway, tell emergancy crews were gone, then they reclosed the highway to get the car back on the road to take away. as I was doing the report 3 other accidents happend on the same highway not far from mine. Yup charged with careless. even tho it wasnt my falt. from what I saw the rad, ac rad, bumper, grills, light, fender, wheel, and side marker lights and some damage under the car plus ruff sounding engine.

so anyways its now at a shop and i have to go in the morning and I have 3 questions:
1) can I chose to keep the car at that shop ?
2) can i pitch in the difrence $ to get the other dents out and a full paint job sence there doing most anyways with the insurance money?
3) how does determaning what to do about the engine work? like desideing what they will fix by sounding ruff or not ext.

sorry for spelling any help is awsome thanks.

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