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Originally Posted by asnigro
Lets say you 've got 2 identical 2006 Porsche Boxster's (non-s), one brand new and another with 4,000 miles on it at the same dealership. Should you expect to get the brand new car cheaper than the used becuase they want that new car off their lot? Should you expect to try to get that used price down to more than 15% off its original MSRP? Becuase these identical cars MSRP around $48K-$49K and we are hearing deals where they are getting them at $40K or less. But that same car used with 4K miles will be listed at around $44K and I assume, you wouldnt be able to talk them down $6K would you???

Also, from the previous post, is there ever a Boxster S that's MSRP is under $50K? I dont ever think I've seen one here in the Chicago area.
There's no way they will sell a 4k miles Box for $4k under MSRP when new ones are being discounted way more. Just consider the $44k as a new MSRP for that car -- same as $48k is the msrp for a new one. Both WAY overblown, especially in winter for a last year's convertible.

Watch out for demo cars, especially with 4k miles on them. Personally, I wouldn't touch a car that has had about 1000 people doing to it what I do on my test drives.

dbth is right. Lowest msrp for an 06 987S is $54.5k (no options). For 07 that's above $55k.

Finally, just email/fax the dealers in your area and ask them for quotes on cars that they have in stock and that are close to what you are interested in. You'll learn a lot from just that exercise. The best way to get a feel for a market is to get into it and ask all players for their best offers -- making them aware that they're all in this together. Dealers have all sorts of reasons to be more aggressive than the competition, so take advantage of that.
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