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Originally Posted by shaman1204
Sorry to keep posting on this, but maybe a few can learn from it.

here is what the Carfax report lists:

5/5/03 --- 20 mi --- vehicle serviced
5/20/03 --- --- vehicle offered for sale
9/20/03 --- --- vehicle sold
9/20/03 --- --- registered as personal vehicle
10/16/03 --- 1727 mi --- first owner reported, lien reported
10/23/03 --- 2766 mi --- vehicle serviced
3/29/04 --- 5990 mi --- vehicle serviced lube, oil filter
10/26/04 --- 14145 mi --- vehicle serviced
10/3/06 --- --- vehicle offered for sale

That is it for the report. So to me it also looks like it has not had a 30k mi service, unless it has not been reported yet.

I also have a contact that could probably buy it through a dealer to dealer transaction. Anyone have any idea how much a 2003 base with tip would be for a deal like that. I kinda have a professional relationship with this individual and would like to do my homework before asking for the favor. He would then sell it to me for what he paid, plus the extras for tax, title, license, etc. Thanks.
If the car is clean and it's in great condition then it's worth somewhere in the low 30's.
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