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Originally Posted by racer_d
Wow.. 26? Guess what PT Barnum said was true. BUT. That was 1 year ago. Now you have a 8 year old car. And its still winter (not as good a season as Spring for local VA buyers getting the spring itch for a convertible.) Maybe you can find another "educated" buyer

Apples to Oranges here, but I bought my MY2000 Boxster with 40K miles for $16,5 - Private party.

By the way, have you test driven either of the Benz's in question? I would have to think that even if their performance numbers are similar, they behave quite differently.
i have driven a 03 s55 amg and WOW it was loud and really REALLY fast. after my test drive when i got back into my boxster it felt like **************** thats how fast it was! i havent drove the 600 yet.
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