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Although everyone's already said it, I'll add that with my cars, as soon as the weather is going to be above 40 for more than a day, the snows come off and the summers go on. Snow tires are just as dangerous in high temps as summer tires are in low temps, especially if you're in a car that is easy to drive at high speeds.

That said, if you're a smart shopper, you can do what I did, which is buy a set of rims/tires from a member on this board (check the classifieds), and have a dedicated set of snow tires and a dedicated set of summers, ready to swap at a moments notice. I found a set of rims from a member for $700, which included all four tires with at least 80% tread on them... That was less than what wanted for a set of after market look-alike rims for the Porsche.

By the end, it still cost me the same $1,500 to get all outfitted for snow driving, but I came away with a "free" set of summer rubbers that will do just fine when I wear out my current set!
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