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Originally Posted by luxury1
Thanks for all of the great information guys! Do you feel that it is dangerous to drive with summer tires (the continentals that shipped with the car in '05) when the weather is near freezing if there is no snow or ice. For instance, I have to drive 600 miles over the next two days and the weather will be around 37 when I leave in the morning.
I tried something similar once (not 600 miles though) and the weather dropped unexpectedly fast and guess what happened next? Rain that quickly became snow! In a span of less than 50 yards I went from cruising at 50mph to spinning like on dog in a hockey rink. Easily the most dangerous situation I have ever been in. The 4WD cars and trucks(big ones!) sailed right past me as I struggled to keep the car moving in a straight line just to get the car off the interstate. But no before spinning into the barrier and miraculously avoided damage. Somehow I literally drifted down the exit ramp and slid into a parking spot in a residential area. Everything changed in a heart beat. That's winter in the North East.
Now I have my snows and from what I hear the car is excellent on them.
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