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First things first I'd suggest craigslist or local ads when you get back. Test driving it yourself is sooo important to getting what you want, and the process has a lot less BS when yer not dealing with 'reserve price' and auctions getting yanked at the last second. Just start calling up sellers and organizing test drives, it's a great way to get a feel for the market and start looking for 'the one'.

When yer almost certain on a particular car, be sure the carfax is clean and get a PPI (pre-purchase inspection) from a Porsche dealership or a shop that specializes in P-cars. The big issue with cars built in 97-99 was a flaw in some of the engines that would allow the cylinder liners to come loose and wreck the engine, so check the service history and see if the engine has been replaced (which should be a good sign, anyone else want to pipe in on this?).

And whatever you do, do not feel obligated to buy. There are plenty out there, don't buy unless it's good financially and you just get that special feeling when you sit in it. It's one more reason to sit in a few of them locally first, so your aren't starry-eyed about the fact it's a Porsche and you can better determine if it's a good Porsche.

Good luck!

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