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What To Stay Away From

Hi everybody,
let me first say hello to everyone as it is my first time posting here(even though Ive been lurking for a couple of weeks). I have decided to buy a boxster when i get back to the states in July (Im in the Marines in Iraq right now). Well combat zone tax exclusion, plus the lack of purchasing power will be leaving me with a little chunk of change when i get home. I wanna buy a boxster and i'll have 15-20 grand saved so I'm probably gonna buy one outright.

I currently have a 1995 Subaru SVX (which has a 3.3l Boxer engine in it 228hp stock) I love that car to death but time to move on, plus rollin around in a porsche at 24 yo is fun too My SVX, funny enough ,has had RMS issues too. Maybe its a Boxer thing? plus im used to expensive parts only about 13,000 SVXs were made from 92-97 (400 dollar power steering pumps, 150 dollar ignition coils )

Getting to the point I either wanna buy a 97-99 Boxster for less and use the extra cash to give it the GT2 or 3 bodykit.
Or would it be wiser maintenance wise to buy a 2000 or newer and buy the bodykit later. Are there less problems with the 2.7?

Any other info or help please let me know. Im probably gonna buy on ebay unless i find a decent deal somewhere else.

Semper Fidelis
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