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Originally Posted by 70Sixter
Bmussatti nailed it as usual. I'd want the warranty book stamped for my record and for future sales/owners. If you are about to sell you could service in conjunction with PPI.

The only value to having the Book stamped would be if he could get a price greater than the cost of the Service than if doing the work himself and showing the reciepts. It may (read might - though I doubt it) make the car sell quicker. But, that's a little unprovable unless the Seller specifically marks up the asking price accordingly.

On a car which has had collision damage (assuming the Seller is forthcoming on this), a Dealer Stamp is going to be much less of a priority than the quality of the collision repair work to a Buyer.

It's just not Rocket Science. The 30k mi. Service is something any competent D.I.Y. mechanic can do very easily. Porsche charges an exorbitant amount of money for a Service that consists 75% of visual inspections.

An astute Buyer won't trust a previous inspection and will still have a PPI done negating the value of a Dealer's inspection. This visual inspection only has value if you're keeping the car because it means you don't have to do the visual inspection, or perhaps their eye is better trained (doubtful in a lot of cases - the visual inspection is simply emphasized to justify the price of the Service - every competent mechanic I ever knew included a comprehensive visual inspection whenever they undertook any work on the car anyway.)...

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