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Originally Posted by z12358
Honestly, I could be missing something, but I don't see why anyone would want to do what this guy did with the car. I don't know much about fastest lap times, but in whatever track driving I've done and observed, the fastest cars do very little (if any) sliding or abuse in general. Their driving is actually the smoothest and least abusive to their cars.

I have a feeling that all this slipping and sliding that's prevalent in these "review" videos (tons of them online) and in car magazines is either just for show (a lot of flash with no substance) and/or being sponsored by every tire producer in the world. Just like tobacco companies pushing "cool" smoking to kids. I bet the Michelin guy watching all this "tire painting" was having much more fun than the driver. That is, if being jarred and thrown left and right in the drivers seat (during the 360 stunt) could be descibed as "fun".

Sorry to be raining on the parade. Just an opinion.

you ever done a powerslide?
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