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From Boxster/Cayman to Cayenne to new 4-door to 911

As a public company Porsche is going to try and increase their profits and seek a larger share of the overall car market. That's why we have an SUV now and 4-door sedan on the way. For Porsche at least, the Boxster/Cayman is an entry-level model for the brand and I think they'll need to keep in the $45K game if they want to continue to bring new "life-long" buyers into the fold.

In regards to decreasing Boxster sales: I think Boxster sales are down because only people like us see the differences in the 986 and 987. In the long term-- if Porsche is going to keep the Boxster around-- it's a good strategy (look at the 911). But if they drop the Boxster due to poor sales, then I think they can contribute that drop in sales to a percieved lack of evolution in the model range. Right now the average potential new car roadster buyer sees an updated Z4 and SLK along with a Boxster and S2000 that look the same as they did ten years ago (though we know that both are improved). Maybe that buyer needs more evolution to get them into dealerships.
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