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Originally Posted by bmussatti
Hi SD987, are you sure they can make the 987 side markers blink? I would really like this too! Please confirm. Thanks.
hey guys thanks for all the feedback....B, they can make them blink to my understanding, it is a hack they can do, right now ours turn on with the lights, if they make them blink, they won't turn on with your lights, they only turn on when you hit the signal if I understood correctly. I opted to have mine just be on so cars could see me maybe???

I think I'll be good on tires since I rotate the snow tires so I should have some life....

Bogg, mine are not tinted but I noticed it ever since I used the Meguiars window cleaner (at least that is what I am going with) maybe CJ is right and the pad down there is collecting residue....I'm getting my condendation on the upper edge of the inside window after it sits, that's why I am guessing there is a leak somewhere......maybe if I get reall bored I'll snap a pic of it one day if I catch it again
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