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Blink, I bought the exact same cover from the same dude. Like you, my car is in the garage, waiting for the right weather, so the cover is mostly for dust. The cover is not really cut for a Boxster specifically, I think on the box was a check mark for "medium". The cover has a two year mfg warranty. It fits over the back of the car pretty well. (Cover pic 001) I folded in the mirrors. (Cover pic 002) The front doesn't quite make it all the way - the bottom edge of the bumper is exposed. (Cover pic 003) The inside is soft, but it's not flannel - I don't think that scratches are a concern. (Cover pic 004) The only negative I felt, was putting it on a newly polished car was kind of like a Three Stooges routine. The car and the cover were so slippery, that it just fell off of where ever I tried to start attaching it. I finally gathered the cover into a ball on the roof, then gingerly pulled it back over the tail, then front over the hood. The elastic is very tight - so tight that unhooking the front bumper causes the cover to fly 3/4 of the way up the hood. (Cover pic 005) For an indoor dust cover, it works for me, and the price was right.
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