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Originally Posted by airboxster
... If you need to spend money to be pampered buy a lexus. They have an exceptionaly ugly convertible retractable hard top roadster...

Sorry, but you really are either not so aware of cars in general or FANATICALLY loyal to Porsche and Boxsters, so much so as to cloud your judgement!

The Lexus SC430 is on of the finest GT Cabriolets available under $70k. Notice I said GT - by definition not a Sports Car. If you are comparing it to the Boxster, you may as well throw a '49 Studebaker Pickup in the mix, because they are all very different.

But, the Lexus has style (you love or hate it, but with Style there is no wrong answer). Long list of standard features incl. 4.3L 300HP V8, Leather, Wood, HIDs, Excellent Stereo, Traction Control, Fit & Finish, great warranty, service, resale.

It may not be the car for you, that's OK. But, there ain't a lot wrong about it. About the only thing in review upon review is a lack of Trunk space - 8.8 ft³, but still more than the Miata, XK8, M3 Cab, Z4...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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