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Originally Posted by longislander1
I totally agree with you about the classic lines. It's one thing I like about my 987S. That's why it's such a shame sales are down and depreciation is so great.

My problems are very minor compared to other posters here and on other sites. I was only trying to point out that first-time owners coming from other premium makes may simply be buying the Porsche nameplate and don't really care as much as some of us do about the handling or other fine mechanical aspects. Their expectations on the technical side may be such that they'd be perfectly happy in a Lexus or Mercedes sports model, even if we know those cars aren't as good.

And if they come from other premium brands and have already had an exceptional sales, service and manufacturer support experience, they'll think that the Porsche's high price will automatically guarantee the same experience. I can imagine a Lexus owner putting up $60-large for his wife's Boxster and asking these questions:
What do you mean you won't pick my wife's car at our home for the service appointment? My Lexus dealer does that.
Why can't I have a Porsche as a loaner? Why are you giving me a rented Chevy when the other dealer gives me a Lexus?
Why is your shop so disorganized and messy? Why isn't my car ready on time?
Why did the engine fail at 30,000 miles? That doesn't happen on my Lexus or any of my other cars.
Why am I paying so much extra for power seats and xenon headlights? How come there's no MP3 connection?
This Porsche cost almost as much as my Lexus LS. Why don't I get the same features or treatment?
Why do I call PCNA for help and get routed by a clerk right back to the dealer (who's not helping me at all)?

I could go on and on, but I hope you get the idea. We may love Boxsters, but I bet the word is spreading among the current or potential newbies that they can get a better overall experience elsewhere.

I picked my 987S over all roadsters. It was about the ride not the dealer experience. I don't care about the dealer experience. If you need to spend money to be pampered buy a lexus. They have an exceptionaly ugly convertible retractable hard top roadster. I drive my 987S on the weekends and love it. Unbelievable driving experience. Remember Porsche is the most profitable car company in the world. They will never discount, they sell what them make and the Cayman was another vehicle to keep the boxster line alive.
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