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I can only wish that Porsche drops the Boxster right now, and never bother with a Cayman Convertible. I know nothing about how classics are created but for some reason I believe the Boxster has the making of a classic 10-20yrs from now. There just something timeless about the look and the design.

The Boxster numbers should be looked in combination with the Boxster Coupe (Cayman) numbers. It's the same car with a different roof. Porsche intentionally flooded the market with Caymans these last couple of years in unison with a strong marketing campaign normal for any new model coming out. This always hurts the existing model. On top of it, they cut the Boxster allocations to dealers. Browse through the online inventories and it is obvious that even after much stronger sales for Caymans there are still much more Caymans then Boxsters in inventory.

longislander1, sorry you've been having such a bad experience with your Boxster ownership. Without a hint of sarcasm, you should consider cutting your losses and getting rid of it. It's not worth keeping something if it will remind you of misery more than it will produce pleasure.

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