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really? that must mean you think Every Car Porsche has on offer is horrible value.
For the numbers on paper (it is a sports car afterall) the Boxster is not a value at all. Its really the caviar of roadsters. I mean fish eggs really aren't worth XXX dollars are they?? But to the target market they are indeed.

The marketplace seems to have had enough of caviar and would rather spend the luxury dollars on items a bit higher up on the price menu like the overpriced kobe beef (aka Carrera)

Roadsters are a niche market and what will spike numbers is the ability of the manufacturer to hype the car with either 'gotta have it' styling or some other buzz to attract non-roadster types to go for it. Porsche like BMW, Merc, Honda, etc.
have failed to attract those atypical roadster buyers with 987, Z4, S2000 and SLK.
A Cayman buyer is completely different type of buyer than a Boxster guy,
I can't believe the Porsche dude even brought up the Cayman to save face.
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